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Hold Fast To the Law....

A Gormenghast Fan Site

A Gormenghast Fan Community
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The one and only Gormenghast comm (that we are aware of...)
Hello and welcome to the one and only Gormenghast comm (that we are aware of...). Please read the rules before posting. They're quite short.


1. You can post anything relating to the Gormenghast books and/or miniseries here.

2. Usual common sense posting rules apply: use an LJ-cut if necessary, give warnings where appropriate, use a header for fic etc. You may use this header if you feel thus inclined:

3. Please tag your own entries. You can create new tags if necessary.

4. Your mods are tomboy_typist and infernallysly. They are always right. (When they disagree, it is because there are no absolute truths.)

5. Be respectful of your fellow members or you will incur the wrath of the aforementioned mods.

6. If you're new you may wish to introduce yourself by making a post and posting our introductory meme (code below) - but you don't have to if you don't want to.

7. Please join, post and spread the news so our tiny fandom can grow!