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Found via Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed:


Mervyn Peake, creator of Gormenghast, is now recognised as a brilliant novelist and artist. Michael Moorcock, China Miéville, Hilary Spurling and AL Kennedy celebrate his achievements


Also, Thursday I received a copy of Overlook Press's reprint of Peake's "Mr. Pye"; a review of that to come, once I finish reading it, and once I write/post reviews of the two vastly different biographies of Peake which I read recently.


The Gormenghast Tarot

So! This is very much a work in progress: I might do a set of icons, as I don't really have the time or ambition to do an entire deck, or I just might make card-sized images. I've been tossing around the notion of reworking the Major Arcana of the tarot using Gormenghastian images, either from the mini-series or from Peake's own character illustrations. Behind the cut, you'll find the start of a list I made, with the names of the cards and the possible images. I got stuck on a few, so if someone would like to offer a suggestion, they're free to do so!

Note: I'm going by the numbering used in the Rider-Waite deck, ie. the one that most people think of someone says "tarot", as it's the most widely used next to the Marsailles deck, and the one that has influenced a lot of the modern decks.

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[FIC] "Travelling Companions" (PG)

As Peake's 100th birthday is less than a month away, I'm going to try and toss something on here every few days.

Title: "Traveling Companions"
Characters: Titus Groan, Juno
Prompt (if applicable): Written for comment_fic's "Any, any, "...two paths diverged...""
Word Count: 468
Rating: PG
Summary: Juno's thoughts as she whisks Titus out of Cheeta's clutches, toward the end of the third book
Author's Notes: There's not many fics that are set in the weird Steam/Dieselpunk milieu of the third book, and so I tossed this one off after re-reading it and seeing this prompt.
( Here )


Here we go then...

Name: Rosa aka femme_slash_fan.
Age (or age bracket): 23.
General location: England.
Creative endeavours (do you do fanfic, icons, banners, art, whut?): All of the above? Mostly fanfics to be honest... mostly girl on girl too. I don't know.
How are you familiar with Gormenghast? Are you kidding? My parents showed me it when I was 14 and I sorta got to crushing on Fuschia and from then... well, from then I was pretty much in fandom.
Who is your favorite character? Fuschia.
Any ships at all? Mostly Fuschia/*girl* (I need to name her handmaiden I made her).
What do you love the most about the fandom? Fuschia's rediculously cool dresses? I don't know. I love it all.
Hopes and dreams from gormenghastfans</lj> ? Metting like-minded peeps.
A suggestion for a meta discussion about Gormenghast that you'd like to see happen:
Ehhh... pass?
Found this interesting, Libertarian take on the Bricks, while I was searching for pics of Peake. I may add this to a playlist of Gormenghastian vids that I've found on YouTube, which I've been planning to put together:

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"Titus Awakes" Availible for pre-order!

I was just poking around on Amazon.com, looking for a biography of Mervyn Peake, when what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a shiny new page for the pre-order of Titus Awakes, the "missing" fourth volume, which Maeve Gilmore (Mrs. Mervyn) painstakingly copied and completed. The book is slated for release on June 9th, one month before the centennial of Peake's birthday (and, in a weird turn, the day before your present poster's own birthday: I know what *I* want now...). This is filling me with squee, since I am probably the world's only Titus fangirl (I even roleplay him over at carpe_ho_ras, under the name 77th_earl). My concern was that it was going to be released first in Britain, with a later release in the States, so I had been planning to bribe one of my mom's numerous British penfriends, but this makes it a whole lot easier to obtain!


[FIC] "The Cape Weighs Him Down" (G)

Title: "The Cape Weighs Him Down"
Characters: Titus Groan, Steerpike
Prompt (if applicable): Lj user="comment_fic">'s "Gormenghast, Titus Groan, the earl's cape weighs him down"
Word Count: 256
Rating: G
Summary: Titus feels the weight of his title bearing down on him
Author's Notes: Just a brief character sketch, based more or less on the BBC version (gotta love the costuming in that: it's pretty much what I'd envisioned while reading the bricks for the first time).

( He had been wearing the earl's heavy embroidered cape since he had grown tall enough... )


Title: Lil' Lost Earl
Characters: Titus Groan, Mal Reynolds
Prompt (if applicable): comment_fic's Firefly/any, Mal + any, "Would you mind telling me what you're doing on my gorram ship?"
Word Count: 475
Rating: PG
Summary: Titus's search for
Author's Notes: This idea came in out of nowhere when I was looking at prompts. It's cracky but in-character, and likely is the product of very little sleep. But the combination has some legs to stand on: the first two books of the series might be technically fantasy, albeit a literary one, but there are some tropes in the third book that put it in the realm of steampunk or dieselpunk sci-fi. That and I also RP both Mal Reynolds and Titus Groan, and thus have headspace versions who like to bicker (well, Mal likes to get Titus's goat, but they actually get along, as much as Mal can be said to get along with anyone). I may flesh this thing out a bit more and introduce a few more "Firefly" characters (I'm sure Titus and Kaylee would get along splendidly: she might even get a smile out of him).

"Gormen-whut? never heard of the place."


[FIC] "Precious Human Cargo" (PG-13-ish)

Title: "Precious Human Cargo"
Characters: Dr. Prunesquallor, Fuschia, mentions of Titus and Steerpike
Prompt (if applicable): comment_fic's Any, Any, As Coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her, and she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead!
Word Count 699
Rating: PG-13-ish
Summary: Prunesquallor discovers one last secret Fuschia nearly took to her grave
Author's Notes: I'd drafted this fic some weeks ago, but didn't get an opportunity to post it till now. The idea popped into my head while reading the essays in the back of the Overlook Press omnibus edition, particularly one which revealed some interesting unused ideas that were in Peake's own notebooks...
He might not have been able to attend personally to her entrance into life, but it fell to him to help usher her out


Title: "The Heat of the Stones"
Characters: Titus Groan, Steerpike
Prompt (if applicable): comment_fic's prompt "Steerpike/Titus, Insulting the Stones"
Word Count: 490
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: Titus doesn't realize how closely he's really being watched
Author's Notes: At long last, I have banged out my first-ever "Gormenghast" fanfic, and likely the first of not a few... I wrote this in response to a prompt on comment_fic and I hope it satisfies the OP, as it isn't as slashy as some might have done. Mostly because I've never really seen Ol' Virginia Creeper -- notwithstanding his BBC mini-series incarnation's good looks which render him Slash Bait -- as very slashable, given his Freudian Excuse. Titus on the other hand... I get the feeling he's so starved for love that on some level, he'd take any love or affection or ...pleasureable friction of any kind that's offered him from *anyone*, even another male. But I'm pleased with the results, and I hope you enjoy it, too. Either way, I wrote it to fit either the books or the mini-series, whether your mental image of Steerpike is the Evil Albino version or the Jonathan Rhys-Meyers incarnation.

( Gripping the sandy ledge of the windowsill, Titus leaned his head far out over it... )