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Old news, but it was new to me

Sebastian Peake passed away in September

He wasn't my favorite person, as he came off as a bit of a wanker at how less popular Gormenghast is, relative to Lord of the Rings (which it gets compared to, a lot, though it's kind of comparing apples and oranges), but this saddens me a good deal, as he really was one of the most visible and vocal champions of the series.
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:: Hugs, grateful:: I'd watched some videos of him being interviewed, and he was generally interesting to listen to, as long as he didn't start veering into "ehhhh, why is LOTR so much more popular than Gormenghast??" territory (though it seems he had, to his mother's eternal concern, a bit of a Type Eeyore sort of disposition; rather understandable, when one considers the sad things that happened to his dad).
That makes me wonder if he had a competition thing going with Christopher Tolkien...
I'd had that thought myself, but I've been too shy to admit to it in the open. Considering how both guys had been digging through their respective dads' unpublished work and publishing/putting together what they could, you may well be on to something...
It'd certainly be interesting to do some digging on that "son-of" legacy thing... Do you think they were both Well-Done-Son guys?
It would be very interesting to dig into this, though if I had to make a prediction? Hmm... I'm inclined to think that if either one was a Well Done Son Guy, it might be Sebastian Peake, considering that Peake started losing his grip on his mental and physical health at a fairly young age and that Sebastian had to help his mom take care of his younger brother and sister (though there again, Maeve Gilmore was an artist and sculptor in her own right and started commissioning pieces during Meryvn's last years to keep a roof over the family's heads and to pay the bills when Meryvn was hospitalized).

Ho boy, here's a scary thought: Sebastian Peake = Titus Groan???
Hey boy, skeery indeed.