The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in gormenghastfans,
The Matrix Refugee

[FIC] "Lover in the Night" (PG)

Title: "Lover in the Night"
Characters: Steerpike/Fuschia
Prompt: comment_fic's "Author's Choice, Author's Choice, vampire AU"
Word Count: 312
Rating: PG
Summary: In an alternate version of the Gormenghast-verse, Fuschia has nocturnal visitations from her mysterious lover...
Author's Notes: This one is hard *not* to do, since the Overlook Press omnibus edition of the Gormenghast books has a critical essay in it which points out Steerpike's vampire-like aspects.

( "A woman waiting for her demon lover", Fuschia had read that phrase in a book, but it had soon become a reality. )
Tags: fanfiction
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